Thursday 26 June 2014

Today all the "organic objects" have their own page with slideshow. Take a look!

Monday 23 June 2014

Today I managed to create all the "hemisphere" pages. Now I will go on with the "organic objects".

Saturday 21 June 2014 is finally there

Finally the site is online and at the right webspace.
The 4 gallery-pages (geometric, organic, boxes and spirals) are there.
With the great help of Stefanie from Toastie Studio there will be slideshows for all objects on the objectpages.
There´s only one at this moment for the box with broken surface.
So my task is now to create every day some objectpages.
The cv is still missing.

Thursday 19 June 2014

You may have noticed that there was happening nothing on my website for a very long time. The files where gone so I could not update it but had to build a complete new version.
But it took me a while before I found the drive to set myself to this (for me) big project.
Finally here it is, the new site. Not jet finished, but I am working on it, really!

I hope you will enjoy it.